What is IE4RC? 

IE4RC is a simple plug-in for Internet Explorer, studied to add a better experience when using RemoteCalendars, the plugin for subscribing, reloading, deleting and publishing your iCalendar through Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007 ^

Why IE4RC? And Why should I use IE4RC? 

The idea behind IE4RC is...why not? I've been "jealous" of what a Mac was capable of: you click through Safari on an iCalendar and you do get it subscribed it in iCal...Whoaha! Simply and beautiful! So I've been thinking: what if I implement this in Internet Explorer? I believe I did a nice job with RemoteCalendars, and this would have been a nice feature even for my plugin: you browse the net, then you find the iCalendar of your favorite band...Hey, you could keep all the informations about the next tour! Then you simply right click in Internet Explorer, and you subscribe the iCalendar through Internet Explorer and Outlook ;) ^

How can I Help? 

Glad to answer :)! At the moment I don't know what else I could add also into IE4RC, however this is Open Source! Feel free to interact with me on the IE4RC site ;)^

Where do I find IE4RC? 

Nothing is more simple: you can find it here: IE4RC at SourceForge.Net. You can find source code, MSI installer, my email and everything you need :). ^

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